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Custom pregnancy plaster cast extras:

Extra accessories incorporated into your design:

There are no limits when it comes to art, just as there are no limits to customising a pregnancy plaster cast. Being pregnant already has its own form of beauty, adding a bespoke design enhances that natural beauty and therefore transforms it into a very personal and timeless sculpture.

Hands On Bump Cast - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

Beauty Bump Casting - Africa Style Belly Cast - Surrey - Greater London

Materials can be incorporated into a belly cast such as:

  • Lace– Lace can be added on top of your cast creating a beautiful floral effect. Other clients like to have this covering the bust area with a ribbon underneath or alternatively the lace can be applied over the entire cast. Hand painted lettering could also be incorporated on to the bump.
  • Flowers- Flowers are stunning on a torso cast! They look exceptionally lovely when placed along the bottom of the bump or alternatively  in the centre of the bust area. Adding flowers to your cast brings a delicate and feminine touch  to the design. They are also used to celebrate both baby boys and girls.
  • Ribbon– Ribbons can be used in numerous ways e.g. bows, around the edge of a cast and even for hanging your cast on a wall. They’re often used under the bust which are then made into a bow at the centre of the breasts. Our clients also have the option of having flowers placed on top of the ribbon instead of a bow.
  • Hand painted designs–  There are many options for hand painted designs, our most requested design is of the babies name, date of birth and weight.
  • Glitter and diamante- Theses can be used to add a little pizazz to your cast and make any design pop!
  • Mosaic– Mosaic belly casts are absolutely stunning, there are so many designs/patterns you can choose from.
  • Decoupage – This is a beautiful way of customising a pregnancy plaster cast. Many expectant mums like to have scan photos incorporated on to the bump cast, this can be placed on the cast in a love heart shape or how ever you request for them to be incorporated into the design.


Stands and wall mounts

Having a pregnancy plaster cast is a wonderful keepsake to have, not only is it a memory of your time pregnant, but a stunning sculpture of your pregnant form. At Beauty Bump Casting we offer a range of stands and wall mounts for your beautiful bump plaster cast.

Belly bowl stand options:

  • Curved iron stand
  • Round plaster bowl stand
  • Plastic stand

Torso cast wall mount options:

  • Ribbon & wooden dowel
  • wire & wooden dowel
  • Rope & wooden dowel


We offer a range of repair services such as;

  • Cracks in your ‘do it yourself’ home casting kit may have appeared in your cast and needs to be repaired.
  • If you have a old cast you made from home and would like it restored.
  • If you have tried a home casting kit and would like it professionally  strengthened, smoothed and customised.

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