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Pregnant belly casting – Breast and bump

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Pregnant belly casting is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have, it fully captures the beauty of your pregnancy so you can celebrate it forever.

Breast and Bump casts are truly beautiful, they completely capture the beauty of your pregnant form. Bump casts gives you the opportunity to admire your precious baby bump and reminisce over the 9 months spent growing and bonding with your baby. Some women like to incorporate arms, hands and even thighs to their cast. This is classed as a full torso cast.

To have a pregnant belly cast you Would ideally need to be around 35-37 weeks pregnant.

Bespoke torso casts

Each bespoke cast will be customised to your preference. This ranges from the shape of your case, be it a sweet heart shape or a one shoulder style.

The design itself can include hand painted lettering, patterns, mosaic designs or even have love hearts cut into your cast.

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Making your pregnant belly cast

  • To make your cast we first apply a layer of Vaseline over your bump to create a barrier between your skin and the plaster.
  • Next medical grade plaster will then be placed over your bump in layers creating a mould. This would also be placed over any extras you want incorporated into your cast such as arms, hands, thighs etc…
  • Once the cast has been gently removed from your body (this comes away very easily) we can then discuss if you would like it customised. Once the session has finished, I would then take your cast back to my studio ready for customisation. Designs can be sent for you to choose from if you’re still unsure of what you would like.


Torso Cast - Essex - Beauty Bump Casting

It can take up to 6 weeks to complete your pregnancy plaster cast, depending on the level of detail required.

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