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Deluxe Belly bowl cast & bump casting

A belly bowl is my most requested bump cast to be taken. Not only is it a gorgeous keepsake but also can be a unique centre piece in your home.

Belly bowls are most commonly used in new born photography as a prop for baby to lie in. What could be a more precious prop to use, than the cast of the belly your baby spent the first 9 months of his/her life?

Each bump cast is made using perfectly safe medical grade plaster. This is gently layered over your baby bump to create a mould of your belly. Once set, this is removed with a little wiggle and is then stuffed to maintain its shape ready to be strengthened.

Beauty Bump Casting - Bump Cast - Pregnancy Bowl - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

Beauty Bump Casting - Belly Bowl Service - Essex - London

At this stage the cast is known as a ‘raw’ belly bowl cast. You can choose whether or not you would like to use this in your new born photography session. After your photography session, you can bring your cast back to me to have it customised, or if you would like it taken from your session to my studio to be customised and delivered to you for your photography session.

Unlike a torso cast, a customised belly bowl usually takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks depending on detail involved in customisation.

Belly bowl examples

Belly bowls are fantastic as you can customise them in so many unique ways. After being used in your new born photography session, your cast can then come back to my studio to be personalised further.

You can even have your cast turned into fully usable bowl! Some of my clients go on to use it as a beautiful fruit bowl; others have it customised into a mosaic bowl to display as a precious keep sake of their time pregnant.

Beauty Bump Casting - Belly Bowl - Essex - London - Surrey

Hand Stand Belly Bowl Cast - Essex - Surrey - Beauty Bump - Casting



Belly bowls can be a beautiful centre piece for your home as well as a great bonding experience with your partner. This beautiful belly bowl on the left is completed with a cast of the dads hand cupping the bump acting as a stand. The 3d hand cast is finished with pearl paint giving it a stunning shimmer that contrasts against the pink.

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