Beauty Bump Casting-3D Baby Hand And Foot Cast In Frame-Surrey-Essex-Greater London

Beauty Bump Casting - Hands Held Cast - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

Beauty Bump Casting - Mum And Baby Hand Cast - Essex - Surrey - Greater London

Beauty Bump Casting is a deluxe casting service, we are very passionate about creating the perfect bespoke keepsakes for our clients. Baby casting is a rewarding experience to have, especially if we had previously cast mums baby bump prior. Not only do we get to meet all our clients gorgeous babies, but get to create them a timeless keepsake they can always treasure.

What is 3D Baby Casting?

3D baby casting is where we create a mould of your babies hands, feet or both using alginate. this is a plant based product which completely safe and often used in dentist to create mould of clients teeth. This is then filled with plaster to create the sculpture of your babies hand/foot. This process is completely safe and roughly takes about 5 minutes to complete.

The Baby Casting Process

A casting is best done when your baby is feeding as he/she will be content and less likely to wiggle. However a casting can be performed at any time.

  • Step one, is to be sitting or standing in a position comfortable for you and for baby ready for the casting.
  • Next, our caster will mix the alginate and quickly pour it into a casting pot.
  • Then, the baby will have alginate applied to his or her hand/foot.
  • Babies hand/foot will then be placed into the pot of alginate, this is how the mould is created.
  • Lastly, once set, we will run a finger around the babies hand/foot to release the mould. Then the mould is given a little wiggle to release your babies hand/foot so it can slide out easily.

Once the cast is removed you can rinse over your babies hand / foots to remove any excess alginate. The cast is then taken back to my studio to be completed.

Back at my studio- The final steps

  • Once back at my studio I will then make up the plaster mixture to pour into the mould.
  • This is done in small amounts to ensure all areas of the mould are filled with the plaster, particularly the toes or fingers.
  • This is then left to set for at least 10 hours to ensure the cast is solid enough to be removed from the alginate mould.
  • Once set I will then remove the alginate  in small pieces to ensure the cast stays intact.
  • The next step is then to prep the cast ready to be painted.
  • Paint is then applied in layers to ensure all areas of your cast are covered generously.
  • Once painted your casts will then be placed into either a frame or mounted onto a plinth.

Custom names can be added to your frame or plinth as an extra.

Beauty Bump Casting - 3D Baby Foot Casting - Surrey - Greater London

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3D Casting Options

At Beauty Bump Casting we offer a range of casting options. A few of what we offer are as follows:

  • Baby foot/feet
  • Baby hand/hands
  • Parent/Sibling with baby hand or foot
  • Hands clasped (can be multiple hands)
  • Parent holding hand
  • Parent holding feet
  • Family hand cast in a circle
  • Include your pets paw print in your family cast

Family Hands Cast - Essex - Greater London - Surrey - Beauty Bump Casting

Beauty Bump CastingHands Clasping Cast - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

Beauty Bump Casting - Parent Hands With Babies Feet - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

Cast Display options

Your casts can be displayed in a number of ways;

  • Free standing casts
  • Mounted onto a wooden plinth
  • Mounted in a deep frame.

We are open to all ideas and love a challenge so don’t hesitate to ask for something different as each piece is designed around you and your family.