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Preserve the beauty of your pregnancy or family bond with a stunning 3D cast sculpture.

Offering a range of services from belly bowls to 3D life casts such as family hand casts to pet paws. Each cast style can have a variety of incorporation’s such as arms/hands ( including your partners hand), mounting in a box frame with a name plaque.

  • Beauty Bump Casting - Bump Casting - Belly Bowl Cast - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

    Belly Bowl Cast

    Belly bowls is my most popular belly casting. Often used as a prop in new born photography and later displayed at home.

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  • Beauty Bump Casting - Pregnant Belly Casting Service - Full torso Casts - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

    Full Torso Casts

    Having a full torso cast is an incredible experience. Taking the belly casting service to a whole new level.

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  • 3D Hand And Foot Cast - Essex - Surrey - Greater London

    3D family & Baby Casting

    Beauty Bump Casting is a deluxe casting service, we are very passionate about creating the perfect bespoke keepsakes…

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  • Beauty Bump Casting - Pregnancy Plaster Casts - Bump Plaster Cast - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

    Belly Casting Extras

    Professional belly casting offers the option to have extra details incorporated into your cast such as; shoulders, arm or hands.

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  • Beauty Bump Casting - Paw Casting Outprint Casts - Essex - Surrey - Greater London

    Paw Casting

    Our pets mean the world to us which is why having their paw cast is a truly special…

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