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Living in Surrey and looking to have professional belly casting taken to celebrate your pregnancy? Look no further, Beauty Bump Casting has a fantastic Surrey belly caster happy to travel to your home.

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At Beauty Bump Casting, we love to help you celebrate the most special time of your life, by turning it into a timeless keepsake. Pregnancy is a truly magical time which is why we love to create you your own custom belly plaster cast.

Belly casting is a fun and exciting way to capture the beauty of your baby bump. There is no alternative that can truly capture your pregnancy in as much detail as a belly plaster cast. The process creates a mould of your tummy capturing your unique shape. This allows us to make you a truly bespoke cast designed around you. Every cast is exclusively made for my clients, this is why they are so special.

Surrey Belly Caster- How its done.

Belly casting is a quick yet enjoyable experience. The process is performed in steps beginning with the gentle application of Vaseline, this acts as a barrier between your skin and the plaster. We then apply medical grade plaster bandages to your belly thus creating a mould of your bump. Once your cast has set, it’s then easily removed with a little wiggle. Once removed, your cast will be taken back to my studio to be customised if requested.

For a more in depth description of the casting process please visit the

Casting process

Types of belly plaster casts:

Belly Bowl Cast

We offer a range of pregnancy belly plaster casts from elegant Belly Bowl Casts to full torso casts.

Belly bowls are a beautiful way to capture your pregnancy, which you can then have customised and made into a beautiful centre piece in your home. Belly bowls are becoming a very popular prop to have in a new born photography session.

Seeing your baby laying in your belly cast is such a surreal and magical experience. Not only is it beautiful to see but is also a trophie of what you as a mother have accomplished.

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Types of belly plaster casts:

Full Torso Cast

Another customer favourite is the Full Torso Cast , there are so many custom options you can choose with this style of belly plaster cast. You can have a breast and bump cast or you can even incorporate shoulders, arms & hands (including your partners) into your design.

This style of belly plaster cast is so graceful as it captures your pregnant form. We believe this is the most effective way to fully capture your pregnancy. Many of my customers love to have their cast displayed in their home.

So if you are looking for a surrey belly caster please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact Me page. We look forwards to creating your custom Beauty Bump keepsake!

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