Greater London Belly Caster

At Beauty Bump Casting our Greater London Caster has worked hard to build a client base in the Greater London area with our belly mould keepsakes. Our aim is to create you a gorgeous belly casting keepsake for you and your family to cherish.


Belly casting is a rewarding experience to have, not only is it a stunning sculpture but also a constant memory of what you as a mother have accomplished. Our Greater London belly caster is brilliant at capturing your unique baby bump and turning it into a stunning keepsake sculpture.

Greater London Belly Caster – How it is done:

Belly casting can be performed at your home, you will then be asked to sit, stand or lean for the duration of the process. We want you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your belly casting experience.

The process:

The first step to achieving a beautiful bump cast is to apply a layer of Vaseline over the areas you wish to cast. By doing so it allows the cast to come away from your bump with ease. We then begin applying wet medical grade plaster bandages over your tummy to create a mould of your baby bump. Whilst we wait for your cast to set we can relax with a nice cup of tea and discuss any customisation ideas you may have. The cast will then be removed from your belly and will then transferred to my studio for customisation.

For a more in depth description of the casting process please visit the

Casting process

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Types of belly casts:

Belly bowl cast

Beauty Bump Casting offers a range of bump moulds from exquisite Belly Bowl Casts to graceful full torso casts.

Our Greater London belly caster is fantastic at capturing your pregnancy with our belly casting products. You have the option of later having customised and made into a beautiful centre piece in your home. Our belly bowls are quite popular especially as a prop for your new born photography session.

Having your baby placed into your belly cast is a very bizarre yet wonderful experience. Belly castings are special to have as they’re a constant reminder of what you as a mother have accomplished.

Types of belly plaster casts:

Full Torso Cast

A popular cast request is the Full Torso Cast , there are  many incorporation’s you can add with this style of belly mould. E.g. you can incorporate shoulders to hands (partners also) as well as your hips and thighs into your design. A number of embellishments are also available to incorporate if wanted.

Custom - Torso - Cast - Essex - Surrey - Greater - London - Beauty - Bump - Casting

If you’re looking for a Greater London belly caster please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forwards to creating your custom Beauty Bump keepsake!

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