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Create the most memorable pregnancy keepsake with our fantastic Essex belly caster.  Beauty bump Casting has built up a large client base in the Essex area with our gorgeous 3D belly castings. Our cast favourites range from the beautiful sparkling belly bowl to flowery full torso cast.


Belly casting is such an exciting and beautiful way to capture the beauty of your baby bump. Nothing can capture your pregnancy in as much detail as a belly plaster cast. The casting process creates a mould of your baby bump capturing your unique shape. This allows us to make you a truly bespoke cast designed around you.

Essex Belly Caster- How its done

Our Essex belly caster is dedicated to creating bespoke designs for each of our clients. The belly casting process is a relaxing and memorable experience not only for expecting mums, but also for their partners if they wish to get involved.

The process:

Vaseline is firstly applied over the areas you wish to have casted, this allows the the cast to be easily removed from your beautiful bump. We then apply medical grade plaster bandage directly to your bump in order to create a mould of your bump, making sure to have smoothed the plaster before it has set. Once set we will gently remove your belly casting from your baby bump to have it shaped, smoothed and strengthened ready for customisation.

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Casting process

Belly - Bowl - Pink - Essex - Surrey - Greater - London - Beauty - Bump - Casting

Types of belly casts:

Belly bowl cast

We offer a range of 3d belly castings from elegant Belly Bowl Casts to full torso casts.

Our belly bowls are a stunning way to capture your pregnancy, which you can later have customised and made into a beautiful centre piece in your home. Belly bowls are becoming a extremely popular especially as a prop in new born photography sessions.

When you see your baby laying in your belly cast is such a surreal and magical experience. Not only is it touching to see but is also a reminder of what you as a mother have accomplished.

Types of belly plaster casts:

Full Torso Cast

A Essex favourite is the Full Torso Cast , there are  many custom options you can choose with this style of 3D belly casting. You can have a breast and bump cast or you can incorporate shoulders, arms & hands (including your partners) as well as your hips and top of thighs into your design.

Our Essex belly caster is fantastic at making your cast captures the gracefulness and beauty of your pregnant form. We believe belly casting is the most effective way to fully capture your pregnancy.

Floral - Torso - Cast - Essex - Surrey - Greater - London - Beauty - Bump - Casting

Lovers Hands Casts - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

3D Casting For Families And Baby Casts

We create 3D casts of all types ranging from Babies and families to pet paws too!

The 3D baby hand and feet casts are extremely popular especially when framed and make a great addition to the home next to your belly cast. Its so special when you see them side by side as it shows the before and after of your pregnancy and you will always have them to remember your special time.

3D casts are super fun to create as well as skin safe. The process is relatively quick and easy to do in the comfort of your home. We mix together a product called alginate in a tub, your babies (or your) hand will then be submerged into the alginate and is held there for a bout  minute and a half until it has set, after this it will then be easily removed and completed at our studio.

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So if you are looking for a Essex belly caster please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact Me page. We look forwards to creating your custom Beauty Bump keepsake!

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