Pregnant Belly Casting

Beauty Bump Casting-Custom Torso Cast - Essex - Greater London - Surrey
Beauty Bump Casting - Floral Torso Cast - Surrey - Greater London - Essex
Beauty Bump Casting African Belly Bowl Cast - Essex - Greater London - Surrey

Celebrate the most magical moment in your life with a deluxe belly casting to celebrate your pregnancy! What a stunning keepsake to have in your family home

A basic pregnancy cast otherwise known as a raw cast has a set price. To have your cast shaped, smoothed and strengthened with one paint colour of your choice also has a set price which can be seen in the table below. Any additional customisation will vary upon time taken and materials used.

Casts offeredRaw castShaped / Smoothed / Strengthened
Belly Bowl£50 (raw cast)£85 (finished)
Bump & Breast£85 (raw cast)£125 (finished)
Hips & Bump£70 (raw cast)£100 (finished)
Hips, Bump & Breast£110 (raw cast)£150(finished)


Incorporation’s1 extra2 extras
Hand£25£50 ( for 2 )
3D Hand£50£95 ( for 2 )
Hand and arm£30£60 ( for 2 )
Shoulder£20£50 ( for 2 )
Hand, arm and shoulder£30£60 ( for 2 )

Belly Casting Customisation

Custom Extras
Belly Bowl StandCut outs

The items above can be incorporated. However, they are subject to additional costing.

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Belly Casting Extras


Pricing depends on work, time and materials needed to repair you cast.

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