We know you may have some questions, so here are our most common…

When is the best time to cast my bump?

We advise between 35-38 weeks into your pregnancy (or earlier if you are having twins), however  casting can take place sooner if requested.

What does pregnant belly casting involve?

We would need to know  if you have any allergies or medical conditions in advance to our session.The casting process is a safe and enjoyable experience to have, it can be done on a one to one basis or you can have your partner or child get involved in the casting application.

Vaseline  is firstly applied to areas where the plaster will be placed, this is to allow the cast to come away from your bump easily. We do offer an alternative to Vaseline if you would prefer such as, 100% coconut oil. Wet medical grade plaster is then applied and smoothed over your beautiful baby bump to create your cast. This is done in layers to ensure your cast is strong and maintains it shape. As the cast dries it begins to come away from your skin, this is how we know the cast is set enough to remove from your bump. The casting process can take any where from 15- 30 minutes. We recommend for you to take a shower after your session to remove any excess Vaseline/coconut oil and plaster from your baby bump, we will provide baby wipes  and a clothing protector on the day also.

Is the casting process safe for my baby and I?

The process is completely safe when carried out by a professional. We apply medical grade plaster bandages onto the baby bump. This does not restrict babies movement at all as the plaster does not shrink as it sets. The cast comes off your bump very easily, so if at any point you feel uncomfortable, it is easily removed.

It is important that you are 100% honest with us about any medical issues you may have during your pregnancy. By doing  so we can cater to any needs you may have to ensure you are completely relaxed and comfortable ready to enjoy your casting session.

Before your session we will always go through the casting process with you to ensure you feel comfortable during your session.

Worried about having your breasts out?

We are professional life casters who have seen it all before, so there is no need to worry or be embarrassed! The plaster is applied onto your body very quickly so you aren’t exposed for very long. You can choose to wear a smooth bra on the day for your bump/breast and bump cast if it makes you feel more comfortable. We can apply cling film over your bra to protect it.

For best results the plaster would need to be applied directly onto your body.

How do i book?

To book a casting session you can either use our Contact Me page or send me a direct message via telephone number (07920460689). Bookings would ideally need to be made 3-4 weeks in advance. You would need to be around 36-38 weeks pregnant for best results, however a belly casting can be taken up until baby has arrived. If you are looking to have a newborn photography session, it is important to leave your belly bowl cast as late as possible.  There is a huge difference in size of baby if the cast is taken at 36 weeks but isn’t born until 41 weeks. This ensures the belly bowl is large enough for baby to lay in comfortably.   The  difference in babies size is huge especially if you go on to have your photo session in a further week or two.

A NON- refundable deposit of £35 is needed to secure your booking, the final balance is therefore payable before or at the time of your casting session. This can be done via PayPal, Bank transfer or in cash on the day.

Bookings made at short notice will require full payment at the time of booking.

Is your pregnancy casting near me?

We  are happy travel to your home or a place you feel most comfortable for your casting session.

Do I need to travel to cast my belly??

No, we travel to your home or a place you feel most comfortable for your casting session.

How long until i receive my casting?

This depends on the cast style taken and amount of work involved in the customising process.

Belly bowl- Customising a belly bowl can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks.

Torso cast- Customising a torso cast can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Will you share my photos and videos from our session?

Beauty bump casting will only share Images and videos on our social media platforms with your consent. Before your casting session we ask that you sign a consent form, this allows us to use photos/ videos taken on the day.

We would absolutely love to be tagged in any photos/ videos you choose to share of the day. This will greatly help future clients see what casting options are available to them.

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