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Professional 3D life caster specialising in baby bumps, family casts, baby casts and pet paw casts.

Beauty Bump Casting Service- About Me - Surrey - Essex - Greater London

I’m Kirsty

My name is Kirsty, founder of Beauty Bump Casting and a professional life caster.

I’ve always been a creative person wanting to put my skills as an artist to good use. My skills range from makeup artistry, body painting, portrait artistry and now life casting.

Pregnancy art

Baby bump casts are designed to be a lasting memory and connection to your time pregnant, no photo or drawing could possibly catch the full beauty of your pregnant form like a professional life cast.

We create casts that are unique to the individual customer and also make wonderful gifts for baby showers or expectant friends. Taking casts of the pregnant belly form is a safe, unique and a memorable experience. Every moment is designed to celebrate the expectant mothers’ pregnancy and capture the beauty of her growing baby bump.

Beauty Bump Casting - Baby Bump Casts Hands - Essex - Greater - London

Beauty Bump Casting - Hands On Bump Cast - Surrey - essex - Greater London

Each bespoke baby bump cast is uniquely decorated by hand to insure the most beautiful and professional finish possible. The casts are personalised to the expectant family’s lives to celebrate this special time. After all, nothing could be a more personal keepsake of this magical time, than the 9 months you’ve spent carrying and bonding with your baby.

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Baby bump casts – A treasured keepsake

Beauty Bump Casting - Raw Baby Bump Cast - Essex - Surrey - Greater - London

Beauty Bump Casting - Customised Baby Bump Casts - Essex - Greater - London - Surrey

We create baby bump casts of all styles by applying medical grade plaster bandages onto the baby bump. This process is completely safe and quite relaxing. we create casts ranging from the bump alone (belly bowl) to a full torso cast including an arm or hand if wanted.

Once removed from the client, the cast goes through a number of steps e.g. Strengthening and sanding to personalising it to the individual clients needs. Ideally you would need to be from 36-37 weeks pregnant for the best results. We can arrange a casting session a little sooner or later if needed.

Beauty Bump Casting - About Me - Essex - Surrey - Greater - London

Casts are so rewarding to create, seeing my client’s reactions to their bump cast from another’s point of view are so touching to see. The love and joy that passes over their faces  amazing to experience. Being a part of creating that joy for them to cherish makes me so happy.

If you are interested in my baby bump casts, please get in touch!  I love to try new ideas in order to give you the baby bump cast of your dreams.

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